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A dream in which a man had a dream about a fish

Quite often, I am waking up in the morning complete nonsense, or, conversely, in luxury and pleasure, the first thing a person seeking an interpretation of his dream to dream book to be 100% sure that his dream - a commemoration of some event.

So often young boys and girls in a dream "comes" fish. And if for some the dream is real proof of the long-awaited pregnancy, for others - it becomes certain collapse of hopes and plans.

Fish as a symbol of joyous event

In a rather popular belief, when a young girl in a dream saw a fish - this is an omen of impending pregnancy. But to this dream actually corresponded to reality, it is necessary to bear in mind that the girl should be already relatively mature and have a long-term relationship with a young man (in some cases - to be married or to prepare for a wedding).
If such a dream saw a very young girl, of course, a precursor to pregnancy it is not.

In most versions, when sleep is associated with fishing, which means that in the near future may be any success in work, financial profit or just a happy coincidence that you need time to take advantage. Thus, the more a dream fish and cleaner and clearer water, of which one catches it, so, consequently, greater success and better financial condition.

Fish as a symbol of bad events

At the same time, do not always catch fish in a dream means good luck and positive emotions. When a man dreams of rotten fish is ready, it is an omen of any rumors and gossip, which can lead to quarrels with relatives and loved ones. Any fried, smoked or boiled fish means that the person at some point you need to pay more attention and caution, because someone from his entourage wanted to confuse him and "mislead brains". Dead fish in a dream a person will only sickness and trouble.
At the same time, the more dead fish dream, the more problems fall on the man's head.

In general, experience shows that dreams always have a relative measure of reliability and truthfulness. Only a person who really believes and knows how to interpret dreams, get them a true delight and truth. In most cases, the dreams and remain an ordinary picture, dreamed that a man only once in a lifetime.
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