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From July until the autumn can be found in the forest Russula delica. It is easy to distinguish: a white hat in his (often heavily stained the ground) and absolutely dry - hence the name. Short, strong and also very smooth white leg. At first glance it looks like a mushroom on the fungus, but it is significantly different hardness. It grows usually sunny clearings, hiding under the ground and leaves. Where found one biscuit, you should immediately seek the rest, as the mushrooms grow like "families." Sometimes, to find milk mushroom, you need to lift a sheet pile or dig the earth, because the young (most delicious) mushrooms - are quite low.

How to Boil dried mushrooms

Shiitake unusually good, if they boil. This is the best way of cooking. They are a little tougher and crispy, if you compare them with cooked Syroezhko.

So, before cooking the mushrooms should be thoroughly wash. Then comes the time of soaking that takes a few hours to entire days - depends on the willingness hostess. In principle, two hours will be sufficient. By the way, a preliminary soaking - the main secret of tasty dishes. The longer the mushrooms are soaking, the better they will get.

Then the mushrooms are cooked in salt water for twenty minutes. For a taste of the broth can add garlic (whole or cut head). On request, try adding fresh herbs.

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