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Do not waste your time searching for private direct advertisers willing to buy links to your site, simply choose the appropriate under the terms of the exchange of services and prices, such as the Sape, Linkfeed, Mainlink, Trustlink etc.
Sign up in the system according to what you want to do: buy or sell links.
Specify a citizen of what country you are. In the presence of Russian citizenship with your funds on the stock exchange will keep tax rate of 13%, while foreign nationals with such deductions do not produce.
Fill in all other required fields in the template user registration. Activate your account.
Sell links to your pages at the lowest prices. In the case when you have enough weight and pumped life, you can not stand attractive for the buyer, and the price for you. Although there is no guarantee of mass sales at unacceptably high price levels.
Use the option of selling in which the greatest number of links is sold from the first page, while on the inner 1/3 less. This will avoid the fall in the TIC and PR of your site.
Prepare the site to check the robot exchanges, setting him on the corresponding code by which your resource will be located and purchased links.
Take care of filling the site quality content that will be of interest to visitors, it was not necessary to spend money, artificially unwinding resource.
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