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You will need
  • an electronic version of the declaration EVND or her plate, ball or fountain pen, tax classifier NACE
Fill out the cover sheet. Specify INN, KPP their enterprise. Write the code of the tax period according to the classification of the tax code and the tax authorities fiscal year. Enter the name of your organization, and code of the type of economic activity. All codes can be found in the tax classifier NACE. Put down a contact telephone number and number of pages of the declaration. Specify the name of his company, his position and name in the field of "accurate and complete information, I confirm." Bottom right field is not filled, it is intended to stamp the employee Tax Inspectorate.
Complete List A (for Russian organizations) and B (for foreign companies) or B (for SP) indicating the personal data of the director or the natural person - entrepreneur. At the top of the second sheet put down number TIN and CRR. Fill parameters affecting the amount EVND. Be sure to enter the code OKATO and budget classification code, as well as the total amount EVND.
how to fill out a declaration on UTII
Complete List D - "place of business". At the top enter the code business. Next, write the name of the organization, its legal address, OKATO. Fill in line with indicators - basic profitability, the value of the physical indicators, the correction factors, the tax base, the amount of EVND.
Complete List D - "Calculation of the single tax." Fill in line with the indicators - the tax base, the amount previously paid EVND, the amount of contributions paid into the fund of social insurance, pension insurance, the amount of payments for temporary disability. Calculate the total amount UTII.
Be sure to follow the instructions about each line in the declaration numbered pages and stamped signature, name and date on each sheet.
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