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In order to answer this question, we must turn to the statistics and think a little logically. Given the prevalence of the operating system Windows, you can safely say that the proportion of people using the web browser Internet Explorer, is quite high, as the browser installed with the OS. The world is full of novice users, who at first did not even think about the fact that there are other browsers.
To learn more, visit is the resources on which the analysis is conducted and statistical records. For example, the site StatCounter at http://gs.statcounter.com available data on what the most popular browsers used at any given time around the world or in a particular geographic location.
On the main page, click in the first field type Browser, in the second field, specify the region where you want to get information, and the third field - time period. Click Update Graph! and check the schedule to be displayed in the top of the page. Legend (browser name) is shown to the right of the graph.
If you have your own website, you can track statistics of the popularity of web browsers specifically on it. Set one of the counters, which the network is more than enough, and anytime you can see from what browsers browsing your site more often. For example, you can use the services of Yandex.
Log in the system, click on your login in the top right corner of the main page of Yandex and select from the drop down menu, "Metric". Add to the list of your site, insert the resulting code to account for the statistics on the dates of your website pages and to monitor the situation in the category "Browsers" section "Technology".
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