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Teach a child to ski - not a simple task. The first step is to choose the right sports equipment. Skiing for children there are wooden, plastic and combined. Beginners are most suitable plastic knurled anti-slip or wood. If you are buying items made of wood, you should buy a set and ointments for them. Wooden skis glide without ointments well when it's freezing, and the snow is powdery. Wet snow will stick to it, making it difficult to slip. The length of skis for the child to be a little more growth. Bracing for the novice athlete is better to choose soft or semi-rigid. They allow you to put on a ski trip a normal winter shoes, so that the child does not freeze.
If you buy skis with hard bindings, first let the baby get used to ski boots. In addition, shoes should buy 1-2 sizes bigger so that you can put on two pairs of thick woolen socks. Let the child wear shoes, first at home and walk around the room to get used to.
As soon as the baby gets used to the shoes (it takes no more than three days), you can print it out and put on the skis. Let the baby first learns to walk with skis on their feet. This will help him to feel their weight. In addition, young athletes learn to balance. When the child is comfortable with moving on skis, start to slip.
Do not let beginners right ski poles, you must first learn how to glide without them. It is best to show clearly, so that you need and you get back on skis. Come out with your baby on a flat area, show exactly how to move your feet. If the child does not understand, arms drag him to his feet. We'll have to do it for as long as the baby learns to independently slide on skis. If the child still does not know how to move, remove it and put on skis in front of her. Starts to slide, the baby with the legs will move along with your skis, which will help him to understand the technique of movement.
Turns - is the most difficult, so that learning is not without falling. Mastering the twists and turns, you will learn both the art and stand up on skis. Since the child already knows how to walk with skis on your feet, let him try to turn, raising the legs. To him it was easier to master turns to play "catch-up" with rounding obstacles. In the process of training be sure to teach the child the right to fall - on its side.
When a child is surely slide on skis, you can give him the poles. Their length should be at armpit. Now, show your child how to make a start with sticks as balance and how to turn, relying on them.
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