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Choosing from synthetic or natural materials, experts advise to stay at the artificial. As though it was strange, but drawbacks have natural carpet much more: it can be got ticks or other insects, eventually it may flake forming on the floor surface microbes and organic dust, mold or under the influence of moisture. When choosing natural materials should talk with a doctor for possible allergies in the baby.
First of all, is to determine the type of coverage. There are three kinds of carpet on the method of manufacturing: woven, needle punched and tufted. Woven carpet manufactured as conventional carpets, characterized in wear resistance and durability, but is the most expensive, because It has natural jute base. As a floor covering for the child, this material is well suited.
Needle-punched carpet provides a way to create a material in appearance more like a felt - it is virtually lint-free, and the foundation of his often made of rubber. This allows the material to be very durable and used in areas with high traffic: offices, movie theaters and other public spaces, corridors. But for children's material is not suitable, because the child sit on it during the games will not be too pleased.
Tufting carpet creates a method, wherein the first pile needles inject into the base, and then fixed on the reverse side with adhesive. Sometimes support can be latex. This material is durable and acceptable for the price. This carpet can be different: with loops or individual fibers. Loop carpet tougher, more durable, but difficult to clean. Tufted carpet may be the long (more than 5 mm), medium (3-5 mm) or short-nap (less than 3 mm). For the child is fine carpet with pile of about 2-3 mm.
Not only the length, but also the type of pile can be different: the frieze, scroll, velvet, Saxony, Shaggy, etc. For children's rooms are typically selected velor pile: the upper part of the cover pushitsya, creating a feeling of velor. For such material easy to maintain, it has a high softness and a large selection of bright colors only adds to his advantage.
When choosing a carpet in the nursery will also need to pay attention to the density of the pile. The larger it is, the more difficult to bend or trample villi. This allows the coating to preserve the original appearance for longer. In this dense pile traces of furniture, fallen objects or children's feet will not occur. If the density of the pile is low, it is better to choose bright-colored material so that you can receive the following hiding.
Colours floor - another important aspect of a child's room decoration. For a long time there were children's colors, allow you to create in your child's room is a city of cars, roads and huge buildings, race track or a real castle princess. But if some designs are appropriate for children of 7-10 years, for older children so the floor will not age. If the coating is provided for long-term use, it is better to give preference to abstract patterns and designs that fit and kids, and teens.
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