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Interior children's room may not be permanent and unchangeable. It varies, depending on the age of the child. When the baby grows up, a great influence on the formation of the interior are beginning to have its gender and interests. A child under the age of 3 years need a bright and spacious room. Therefore, it is better to solve design in bright, pastel colors. Older children may need the equipment for physical training. This room can be divided into functional areas: sports and playing and sleeping.
Important role played by the color scheme of the room. The child perceives the colors are not as an adult, so the reaction to the color gamut can be quite different. Smallest first see only black and white, gradually opening to them the other shades. Up to 10-year-old child loves bright colors. For example, red, orange, yellow or pink. When he gets older, better to change the color scheme. Not recommended for use in the design of children's dark tone, this could have a negative impact on the psyche of the child.
If the room is designed for two children, you need to properly divide it into functional zones. Depending on age, usually allocated 2 beds, 2 workers and a play area. Recreation areas and study better to separate from each other, without cluttering up the aisle and at the same time not reducing the illumination of the room. For this purpose, you can use the low walls, shelves or bookcases and wall of transparent glass blocks or arches. You can spend a visual zoning, separating the room using different types or colors of finishing materials. If the children about the same age, play area for them must be shared and executed the same.
The most important role in the design plays a selection of furniture. First of all, you need to choose a bed. You can buy a normal single bed for each child, suitable for two children with bunk bed, as long as it was convenient and safe. It should be noted that in the "second floor" was enough space for seated child. For teenagers fit rollaway sofa beds, like the ideal solution for small rooms. Help save space and built-in beds, placed in niches.
Workplace better equip students for specialized computer tables with reading lamps, comfortable chairs and tables for storing stationery. But decorate a room can be provided by the children according to their tastes and interests.
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