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One of the most common diseases of tomatoes is blight. When infecting a plant Phytophthora good harvest not wait, tops blackens and dies, and the fruits are covered with dark spots. To protect the crop from late blight, apply the recommended time biologics "Gaupsin", "INFINITY", "tattoo", "Ridomil Gold" and others. It is necessary to treat each plant immediately after planting and repeat the procedure in a month.
Try as much as possible to harvest when the tomatoes will become brown, but do not expect their full redness. If the tomatoes, ripening, long hanging on the bush, he thereby draining plant. If possible, give up the spraying of fruit accelerators. Such drugs are well exposed to the outer wall of the tomato fruit inside but may be green.
It is important to arrange tomato bushes in the right direction with respect to the cardinal points. The south side should be located root system of plants, and towards the north - CZK. This will help to increase productivity and accelerate ripening.
If you grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, should be regularly watered them at the root. In hot weather, watering should be more intense.
When bush starts flowering and fruit set, you need to go to a special regime of watering. The interval should be 9 -12 days. Once it started the maturation of the fetus, the interval watering 15-20 days. This technique will help increase the productivity of tomatoes in half.
Varieties of tomatoes giants such as: Bullish heart, Greenhouse, Cosmonaut Volkov, Jubilee, it is best to grow, allowing the bush stems spread along the ground. Increase the number of new roots and thus the yield. The only disadvantage of this method is that we need a large garden area.
Not many people know, but the tomatoes are not indifferent to potassium permanganate. Pour before ripening tomatoes with a weak solution of manganese, and you will see that they have gained rich, healthy color and excellent taste. Moreover, it will protect the plant from late blight. To prevent the spread of Phytophthora on tomato bushes never plant them in direct proximity to the potatoes.
Organic fertilizers such as chicken manure or manure, tomatoes do not particularly like, if and produce fertilizer, then using the fertilizers and various trace elements.
It is worth remembering that bush tomato responds positively to transplant from one place to another. Therefore, you should not be afraid of it. When transplanting tomatoes have produced a lot of new roots, and this will significantly increase its productivity.
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