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There are many ways to purify the blood, among which the traditional approach of using medical equipment, and unconventional, with special diets and herbs.

Medical methods for blood purification

One of the most common ways to cleanse the blood - a plasmapheresis. During this procedure, the patient's blood was taken to 500 mL with pouring 250 ml of physiological saline to make up the amount of fluid in the body and normalize blood pressure.

Using special equipment - a centrifuge - isolated from the blood plasma, which contains most of the harmful substances. The remaining mixture is diluted with physiological saline, and reintroduced into the organism. To be effective, this method of blood purification is required to spend a few procedures.

Another traditional method of blood purification - is autohaemotherapy. This method consists in the fact that the patient has taken a certain amount of blood from a vein and then administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly it.

Autohemotherapy has several varieties. In some cases, before introducing the blood back into the body, it is ozonized or irradiated by ultraviolet light. Proponents of homeopathy blood diluted in a special solution, which, they believe, can also help to cleanse the blood.

All funds autohemotherapy focus not only on the purification of the blood, but also to ensure that spur the immune system. When blood is harmful to the body substance is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly, the immune system sees it as outside interference and begins to operate at full capacity.

Nontraditional methods of blood purification

Non-traditional or folk means of cleansing the blood can also be effective, and not always satisfactory from the official medicine. One such method - is a diet in which food consumed only salad of beets and cabbage, and you can drink a grape, cranberry or blackberry juice. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires two days prior starvation.

No less effective way, but that does not require fasting - is the use of the infusion of oats. To make it a glass of cereal poured two cups of warm boiled water, then this mixture is infused over one day. Drink half a cup of this infusion three times a day. The value of this method is that the infusion of oats not only outputs the harmful substances from the blood, but also does not give them again absorbed.
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