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Why should I start doing step aerobics

When doing step aerobics will not be "pumped" muscle waste as in the classroom in the gym. The rhythmic motion on the platforms help to strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and nervous systems. It will also
stabilize blood pressure and organize the work of the vestibular apparatus.

Attendance of step aerobics is recommended for osteoporosis and arthritis, as these diseases are due to a lack of movement. Aerobic exercise is able to influence the so-called "tight muscles", among which are: the buttocks, thigh adductors and the back of the thigh.

Terms of lessons for beginners

The first lesson on a step should not last more than 20 minutes, with time duration can be increased up to an hour, it is necessary for the proper preparation of the heart and muscles to new loads.

As an optimal position to engage on the platforms are: a raised head, drooping shoulders, dressed buttocks and abdomen and back, the last of which should always remain straight. Feet should be fully put on the platform. In the process of training to avoid sudden movements. It is unacceptable to make the motion of the same arm or leg more than a minute.

The rise of the step to be carried out by the feet, and not through the back. Between exercises permissible to do a few sips of water. It is important to ensure that the knee feet, which accounts for close range, did not go beyond the toe, it will eliminate a knee injury. You can not go back on the floor the entire surface of the foot, as it will harm the Achilles tendon because the load will be provided on the spine.

Apparel & Sports

Should choose short pants, it can be capris or shorts, which would eliminate the injury. When choosing shoes should pay attention to models that support the foot. With varicose veins, wear support stockings. During the course will be useful: dumbbells, rubber wide ribbon, the platform and the ball. Step aerobics can be used as a full warm up before serious stress.

It is undesirable to deal with step aerobics to people who suffer from angina, hypertension and diseases of the spine.
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