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Device instantaneous water heater

The water is heated in this apparatus takes place in a small tank with a powerful, compact heating element (thermal electric heater); the device consumes electricity only during the operation, ie, during the passage of the water flow. The main characteristic of instantaneous water heater - productivity expressed in number of hot water per unit time (typically in liters per minute).

Obviously, the performance is directly related to the initial temperature of the incoming flow, which may range from +5 to + 20 ° C and the power of PETN. A distinctive feature of the flow-through device - instant hot water. To do this, you need a heater having a large capacity: it is in practice 3.5-7 kW. The standard structure of an apparatus usually includes at least a pair of handles: to adjust the force of the flow and for setting the desired temperature.

Performance and features

In accordance with the class of energy consumption devices described are divided into several classes, ranging from 3.5 kW and ending 7kW. The least powerful product, it makes sense to use when tap water has a temperature of at least + 18 ° C. Stronger water heaters can even cope with the cold water flow and can therefore be used all year round.

The most important element is the heater - heating element, which may be made of steel or copper. The latter option is more preferred, because steel is subject to corrosion. The role played by the protection of the pressure switch, which does not give TENu join in the absence of water pressure. On the other hand, when the overheat signal to a power outage sensor delivers. The normal operation of the device during the flow of the fluid provides a flow switch.

Almost all water heaters are equipped with power switch, allowing to set the desired heating mode. One of the features of the device flow - low sensitivity to water quality, in particular, the content of salts. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to use a filter to prolong the life of the heating element and prevent any foreign bodies into the device.

Instantaneous water heater applies to devices with high power consumption, so before you buy, make sure that your wiring, automatic (or cork) compliant and capable of withstanding at least 25 amps. If the wiring is not designed for such loads, it is better to invite a specialist who will make a separate entry from the wiring and the socket.
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