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"Microenvironment" of personality

Microenvironment - a small link in the social conditions that affect the initial development of the individual.

The first and most important link in the development of a family in which a person receives initial formation. Formed perception and attitude towards the sphere of social relations. With the family begins to familiarizing the human customs and traditions of the society, the standards of moral behavior. Educational institutions, the school taught the usual forms of communication. For example, a small child in the family who instilled a love for the environment, respect for older family members, comes to school and brings new skills behavior. These skills can learn from each child. But it happens and vice versa - the child brings with it a rude, boorish attitude and intolerance of another person.

Therefore, social relations in the primary cell of society is very important. Individual personality is created by the fact that in the process of its formation and development, the person goes through various stages and social groups - it is child care, school, college, work team. In all of these social groups have their own rules of behavior and the relationship between their members. And through all these separate societies, the identity of the person enriched, and forms his behavior and attitude towards society as a whole.

The team is one of the factors of the social environment

The greatest influence on the formation of man as a person in adulthood has a team. Collective - a social group of people united by a system of relations that have arisen on the basis of psychological ties. The structure of collective relations includes functional, managerial and moral attitudes. In this social group has its own psychological structure, common evaluation of the behavior, norms of relations. Social functions are implemented directly within the individual group, which takes its vital functions. If a person is in the same time opposing social groups, under certain conditions, it can cause negative consequences - "split personality" overlapping of knowledge, beliefs. Therefore it is very important to understand the place of the person in the team, taking into account personal and business relationships. The higher the place, the more people value their personal and business reputation.

This is an important social and psychological aspect, as people value their authority, can go to the sacrifice, placing the interests of the team above personal.

Considering the social environment as a major factor in the development of the human personality, it is important to understand, first of all, a consciousness of social being, the structure of the socio-economic structure, division of labor and product manufacturing activities.
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