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To ensure the psychological health of their children, parents need to fully meet the needs of children in the games with adults. Kids from one to two years is necessary to deal with any substantive games (rattles, dolls, etc.). At the age of one and a half to three years will be the most useful role-play, for example care of dolls, toys. Children over three years to enjoy playing role-playing games with the plot (playing store, hospital, school, or something on the similarity)

An important role in the successful upbringing of children playing discipline. It is important to know how to raise children without shouting because kids under the age of three years, did not understand the meaning of their actions. They learn about the world through his disobedience. That is why any punishment, including cuffs, screaming, will not bring positive results, but only contrary to provoke the development of aggression and goiters in a more adult.

Also, parents often found inconsistency in their actions. During bad mood baby flies through the slightest error, but when a good mood, then those actions simply do not notice. Based on this behavior of parents, children can not learn what their actions are good and which are bad.

How to raise a child?

First and most importantly - it's never put himself above his children. Terrible teachers they still manage to see. The task of a good parent - to be a friend and partner. If your child is fully respects parents, they automatically deserve respect from him that many people want to get to penalties and shouting.

Second - it is important to have a huge amount of patience, and learn not to shout at children. Remember - for the bad deeds should be punished and not to scream out loud. It is much better to talk, learn and explain the reasons why this or that deytviya considered bad. Most often, children commit the stupidity just to attract attention from the adults.

And it should be noted at the end of the secret of the successful education of children - inspire their children of faith in yourself. Remember, they need the support of every second of his life. Often they say the phrase "I am proud of you", "I believe in you", "You can," it will help your child grow strong and confident in themselves and their abilities.

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