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Tulips just conquer with their spontaneity and abundance of color.

Red tulips

Red tulips appeared in the beginning of the last century. This shade of color brought breeder Derek Lefeber, who was engaged in cultivation of tulips. Initially, this strain is named after its discoverer, but eventually approved the new name of Red Emperor. Later came a kind of tulip-emperors.

Pink and peach tulips

The most popular variety of pink tulips - Hatsusakura. Painting of this class may vary from almost white to crimson. Since flowering rose, variety tends to dissolve bud white shade. Also popular is the variety Eprikot beauty. Its buds have a soft peach shade, and the sun are actually transparent.

Black tulips

The main varieties of black tulips - Queen of the Night. If the sky is overcast and the sun does not shine on the buds, they are completely black. Actually, however, black tulips not exist in nature. The buds of the Queen of the night have a maroon or dark purple. Only the sun is possible to see that the colors are not black.

Brown Tulips

Basically they presented varieties Abu Hassan and Gavotte. These tulips look amazing. Rich brown buds framed by bright yellow border. These tulips are resistant to disease and are kept for a long time. The difference is that Abu Hassan is the most convenient for breeding, as more fertile.

Green tulips

It tulips Late flowering period. The main varieties are the China Town and Golden Atist. The buds of these varieties are very strong and have an original shape of the petals. Decorative these varieties complement the large emerald leaves with a white border around the edges.


These tulips are irreplaceable in the garden, they will be favorably contrasted against the green. Sort Angels Wish differs yellowish shade at the beginning of flowering and becomes snow-white for the dissolution. Grade Cardinal Mindzhenti refers to a bath and tulips in full dissolution of the buds are 10-12 cm.

Here are just a small part of the main colors of tulips. But it is from these flowers breeders are trying to get new hybrids to continue to please fans of tulips.

In addition, it is believed that the color of tulip shade conveys feelings. For example, white tulip tells of frustrated hopes, black - the desire to be together for life, red - love and passion, yellow - the desire to leave.
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