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Do not abuse the stimulants. If you know that panic attacks, in an emergency you should give up alcohol, nicotine, coffee and strong tea. It is better to prepare yourself the herbal decoction with mint or lemon balm to help you calm down. The positive effect will and conventional milk, which makes up for lack of rapidly diverge under stress calcium.
Do breathing exercises. Focus on your breath and begin to gradually slow it down. Let the slow breaths alternate with the same slow exhalation. Try to breathe predominantly belly. Narrow your glottis, and let the air out of the lungs with a whistle. Forget for a moment about the problems and relax.
Engage in physical labor. To avoid a panic attack, start furiously scrubbing the floor mop, deal with webs of the unit or disassemble the blockage of dishes in the sink. Also it does not hurt to go to the gym for a workout or run a few laps around the house.
Do not keep all the emotions in themselves. Share experiences with loved ones. Perhaps their tips will help you see the best solution and calm the panic. But even if it does not, you will feel better from what you have heard.
Laughter helps to cope with fear. If you just can not overcome the excitement, open the humorous site, a magazine with jokes, turn your favorite TV shows with an excellent sense of humor, or go to visit a friend-joker. How should I laugh at the problem, and it will seem not so terrible.
Write on a piece of paper your possible actions, as well as their theoretical implications. Calculate how much your chances of success, to develop an optimal strategy. Knowing that you have a plan that will help you suppress fear.
Find someone who is afraid of even more than you, and help him cope with the problem. Temporarily switch to the needs of others - it will distract you from your own experiences.
Do not abuse the view of news that your panic not ballooned to global proportions. Of course, if the events that you care about, covered in the press, this is a great opportunity to be aware of all cases. Select yourself some time to get acquainted with the media. Put the timer when you go online or turn on the TV, and then turn off the signal source. This will help you save nerves.
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