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This herb from the family of celery is also called sweet fennel or cumin. Indeed it resembles dill: umbrella has the same structure and seeds. However, a distinct smell of cumin will not confuse this plant with dill.

Italian by birth, this herb is unpretentious, for perfectly fit into the flora of central Russia. Hippocrates and Avicenna used all parts of the fennel, including roots.

First of all, use of this herb is its antispasmodic and carminative. It affects the digestive activity of the body and stimulates the metabolism. In this regard, fennel has been recognized as a helper in losing weight. This has contributed to its weak diuretic effect.

Mothers of young children are familiar with fennel because of it turns dill water, helps with flatulence. To date, dill vegetable garden she has nothing, as obtained from the pharmacy dill, and fennel is called. In such vodichke contains folate, that is, B vitamins

However, the digestive tract is not limited to a beneficial effect on the body fennel. It helps with bronchitis as an expectorant properties. And even pneumonia broth of fennel will bring noticeable relief of the patient.

Fennel is also rich in vitamin C, which, as an antioxidant, inhibits the action of free radicals. This vitamin helps to keep in perfect condition the human immune system.

As for the cooking, then there seems to be unattractive plant have been used. It is added to tea, for example, in combination with ginger, salads and pastries.

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