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You will need
  • The browser, PC, online, money, passport, information about VAT
Before purchasing a domain name, you must resolve the issue of where he will be placed. This requires a private car (with a personal channel) and that this was a DNS server on the machine (which will be responsible for technical support of the domain), and if you simply register a domain from a commercial provider - then there are no worries and problems. Once you are prepared, you can begin registration - delegation.
In fact, significant differences between an individual and the organization is not present. Yet to register a domain name for the organization of prestigious and easier. For registering a domain for the organization need to know all the banking and fiscal details of the company (account of Enterprise and other Ina). To register for private persons, ie, the beloved enough to have a head on your shoulders, the necessary amount of money in your pocket and works name-server.
After all the components and all the information is gathered together, you can proceed to the server RIPN'a ( and go step by step to fill the registration form.
Registration form plays a huge role, so think of this operation seriously.

The home page for registration ( There are 4 possible form filling to choose from - for the organization (registration from 5 steps) or a private person (registration from 9 steps) . Absolutely each registration form, you can make out of the ordinary as the http channel, and the encrypted https - http - secured. All data must be filled with clear format and not be invented.
We can say that the domain registration is not such a difficult operation, just need to strictly adhere to all the items.
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