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Decide on the strengths of the project. This category will include all the qualities, characteristics and differences from competitors who favorably distinguish the idea or the product of a series of analogs. It is necessary to look at its "child" through the eyes of a potential customer and find out what will attract him. As the stronger party may make known name or a long stay on the market, because consumers are already familiar with it, and they do not need to be convinced that the product deserves attention. Another argument in your favor - the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the product or the use of expert opinion, known and respected personality. This category can be attributed to the price if it is lower than the price of competitors. However, there are a number of fashion goods for which the benefit is, on the contrary, a higher price. The strong points can be attributed to high quality products and originality.
Weaknesses, on the contrary, interfere with effectively sell a product or idea. Please note that the factors that in one case, are strengths in the other may be in this column. For example, if the product has long been known, however, about it already happened it is not the best view, to change the situation is very difficult. Low price can be considered a sign of poor quality and cause suspicion. A weakness is too narrow group of potential buyers. Products that are not often quite difficult to sell, especially if they are not cheap. The same rocks and novelties: consumers do not have any experience with this product, therefore the level of confidence is very low.
Features like a threat - it is external factors. They depend on market conditions, actions of competitors, etc. This could include increasing the number of potential customers: an increase in the birth rate, if you sell products for children, the growing popularity of the movement to protect the environment, if you position your product as environmentally friendly.
Threats - possible negative scenarios. The rise in popularity of the product may lead to an increase in the number of competitors who are likely to offer a similar product or service for less money. Or, for example, experts projected decline in the economy, the crisis, which may interfere with successful sales.
Putting all four categories, it is much easier to assess the prospects of the idea or project. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of his hand, you can develop a strategy to market, competently beat the shortcomings and even turn them into advantages. After analyzing the likely threats are much easier to prepare for adverse developments. At the same time, considering the future possibilities of the project, you can select the correct line of development.
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