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One of the key parameters of microwave - its volume

Today microwave ovens are available in almost all European countries. Model of a manufacturer's design are not only the body, but also its functional filling. However, one of the main parameters of a microwave oven is considered to be their scope. It may be from 9 to 40 liters. Therefore, to select the microwave properly, first you need to decide with this indicator. If you only need a microwave for warming up food and small home cooking dinners for two or three people, the model with a volume of 15-17 liters is enough. If you have to cook for a large family of 5-6 members, and the size of the microwave should be much more solid.

To correctly select the microwave, check the type of its grill

As is known, microwave ovens often operate on a grill. It, in turn, is of two types - and the quartz heaters. It is difficult to say with certainty what type of microwave more practical. Oven furnace with a quartz grill is quite large; moreover, it quickly heats and cools, its much easier to clean. In turn, the model with the grill heaters are a little bit cheaper. They make it easy to change the position of trochanter depending on the shape of the product prepared in a furnace.

Choose the microwave oven can be properly without the aid of professionals

Today the market offers models of microwave ovens and the so-called flat grill that do not spit. Such models are best suited for the preparation of sausages, shrimp, sausages and other products by the barbecue. To choose the right flat microwave grill, any further advice or help of experts you do not need. Just ask the seller her level of energy consumption. Typically, microwave flat grill have a higher capacity than usual, however consume more energy.

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