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If your child already knows and is able to read the letters, but has difficulty reading, you need to select the text so that they are appropriate to the age and capabilities of the student. The text must be printed in large type, proposals should consist of no more than 10 words. Try to keep in texts as small as possible complex and unfamiliar words. All these warnings will contribute to the ease of learning and reading comprehension child.
In early studies it is imperative to set up a child to school, improve his self-confidence and abilities. Use lessons cubes, mosaic, ball, color pictures. Be sure to turn in assignments and texts of cartoon characters, fairy tale characters that are already known baby.
Each lesson some end the game. This can be broken down Tossing the ball from the word into syllables or repeat the alphabet. So the child is formed by a positive setting for the next session. Most praise him, cheered, the slightest mark of his achievement. Do not skimp on the good words, smiles. It can be used to motivate learning table, where you will make to achieve the child.
After the game intros can move on to more complex tasks. Exercise should be a different level of complexity, thus should start with lighter, gradually complicating the task. It is imperative to identify the points that cause difficulties for child. Pick up the text so that they were precisely the complex syllables, letters and words. It is they sharpen focus during training. Also include them in all game exercises. Encourage your child to put the right words out of blocks or difficult to find the letters in the image.
You can perform some exercises with your child to help in teaching reading. For example, ask your child to assemble a mosaic is not modeled, and start with the bottom left corner or right to left. Play with him with verbal bingo. You can use a set of cards with the names of animals. After reading a word, he must find the animal on the map. This allows the child to remember the word that he read. But most importantly, themselves, read and read to your baby. It may be a personal example for your child's main motivation for reading.
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