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Learn how to keep your balance. Balance exercises can begin to perform long before you buy a bike. And it can be done during the most ordinary walks. Walk around a puddle on the curb, trying not to step in it. Go to stream over pebbles or a narrow log. Do this regularly.
Lower the bike saddle to the bottom. This is to ensure that you are at any time able to get their feet on the ground. Remove the pedal. As long as you need them, and could cause injury.
Choose a flat area near the house. On the pavement should not have potholes and mounds. Try to push your feet off the ground and drive a few meters on the track. Do this exercise until you learn to keep a balance of 20-30 meters. Train as for several days.
Slightly lift up the seat. You have to get to the ground with his toes. Keep balance exercises.
Screw the pedal and lift the seat to the normal level. Train on the same track. Learn to brake. Several times a ride from one end to the other track, braked late.
Go to a small hill. Dealed with it a few times, not spinning the pedals and braking at the end.
Learn how to turn. Remember that during the rotation pedal is not necessary, and so the rate is high enough.
Before you go out into the street, repeat traffic rules.
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