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First, stop flurry of activity. You're a person, not a machine. Start small: turn off the alarm clock and get up when you want, on the way to be sure to call in a couple of shops, cancel all appointments in the morning, and the more sudden, the better. No one explains the reason for the cancellation: you are not required to report them!
If for dinner you still will be in the office, first answer a few personal letters, read all the news on Yandex, go to lunch, and only then start to work. Incidentally, the iPhone a lot of interesting games.
Second, never spend the extra money to create and maintain the website of the company, especially if you have something to sell through it. Hire a first-year student, better school student, that he will make you the easiest site and will not update it too often. After all, customers are, what they need, buy, and so you have or do not have.
Third, if you have filed a lawsuit against you, do not rush to hire lawyers to represent your interests. It is expensive, and a lawyer you already have, even two. However, they are mainly engaged in the registration of labor contracts with employees, but suddenly represent the interests of your company in court they also succeed? It is worth checking out.

Fourth, if you have to negotiate, then prepare for them is not necessary. You are not the first day in business, and you know all the customers better than your own family. And when you did not work Impromptu? ..
Fifth, think about the relatives. It seems that some of them have recently complained that he had lost his job. Get involved - take it to him. You can hire a couple of friends. Work in the company will be much more interesting. And the responsibilities that any of you do not like, you can delegate the remaining subordinate.

Sixth, you're spending too much money on training. Why all the training, role plays and workshops? Anyone can sell, or almost everyone, as if he still can not sell effectively, then most likely, he was just lazy.
Seventh, it is not necessary to check the creditworthiness of customers. If you come to the client, he just has the money. What he fails to comply with the terms of payment, has not said anything bad about him. After hearing from a new customer comment that services your firm road, do immediately a 50% discount.
Finally, cease to read business literature and think about the business. You already know about it enough.
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