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The series was filmed entirely as a Russian version of the German serial movie Mnner sind die beste Medizin or Doctor's Diary, which translates as "Men - the best medicine" (from German) and "Diary of doctors" (English). We also show was called "Doctor's Diary" and the February 22 TV channel CTC were shown the last two series of the first season.
TV series tells the story of a young and beautiful Alexander Zaitsev, dreams of becoming a happy woman with a single loved one before his own 30th birthday. This dream in her life has crumbled once for a few hours before the bond of marriage. Her ex-boyfriend has changed, and it has nothing left except the diploma of the doctor of surgical specialization and excess weight, so that Sasha Zaitsev dreams away.
The series is, it starts to build his life from the beginning, and completely independently. This life it fills from the beginning to the end of each day, a large amount of work and, of course, love. Also, for a second it does not leave their own dreams and desires, as well as any real woman. It continues to move toward fulfillment of the hopes and struggle with excess stress, of course, with the help of chocolate.
In the series, Sasha waiting for a fascinating encounter with an old love at school, and an exciting new fan. So a fan for fan dreams about kissing and kissing in real life, scandals and family conversations alternate episode by episode. All this show is, diluted funny and cute at the same time, the situation is operational and heroic stories from the surgical table. First of all, the show carries a story about love and the people who do not stop to look for it, and believe that will certainly find.
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