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The child moves away from the family. Always sociable, he suddenly ceased to make contact with people in the household, even those with whom always talked a lot.
Your child suddenly unsure of himself? It was suddenly feel out of place with family members, relatives and friends? Questions answered in monosyllables and very shy? It is an occasion to take a closer look at the baby.
Sleep disturbance and fatigue can also testify to the fact that the child have a concern. It feels squeezed like a lemon, but it is difficult to fall asleep? And hard to wake in the morning?
The son or daughter at any time, regardless of the situation irritated? Note adult meets with hostility? Your child became violent.
Child two minutes ago was sad, and now jumps and voice? Signs of stress may be mood swings.
Restless offspring? To shift things, fidgeting in his chair? It goes somewhere to go and do something without a purpose? It can also be a sign.
The child stopped eating? He barely eats even what used to love? Or eat everything? Loss of appetite or high appetite may indicate a loss of tranquility.
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