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Nike is the English form of supplier since 2013. Shape made of synthetic material Dri-Fit. On T-shirts left is the image of the English coat of arms, and the right - "tick" of Nike. Coat of arms in this time shows no borders, and its background glows in ultraviolet light. Above the coat of arms is a five-pointed silver star.
Football uniforms for games in his field is a set of T-shirts, shorts and white socks. Alternatively, the white shorts shorts were added blue. They are wider and longer than white.
To create a font numbers and names on the shirts of athletes invited by the company to cooperate with the British graphic designer, typographer and art director Neville Brody. The designer known for having developed the cover image for the album bands Depeche Mode and Cabaret Voltaire. On the shoulders sewn satin silver stripes and narrow white stripes.
The names, numbers and other details in the design of t-shirts made in the bright blue color. It is much lighter than the color that was used in the design of sportswear earlier.
Some World Cup matches in Brazil the English national team will appear completely in white.
FIFA nominated producers football shape strict requirement that players must be dressed or all red or all white.
Football kit for games on a foreign field painted in two different shades of red. On a light background depicts strips of dark red color. As a form of games at home, the form is executed in a classical style. Collar have round shape and is divided into two parts. In this front visible strip on the collar. On the front of the shirt, you can see a cross. Shorts set of white with red detail and red socks with white accents.
Color goalie forms green with white accents, and a yellow-white pattern on the sleeves. It is also contemplated production forms yellow.
On T-shirts British Emblem of England, but it is different in color from the national coat of arms. If the English national emblem yellow lions with blue tongues and claws on a red background, then the England team are blue with red claws and pasta on a white background surrounded by ten Tudor roses. Tudor Rose - is the national flower of England. For the first time a form of English players was decorated with national emblem in 1949.
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