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This is an area in the Atlantic Ocean, which consists of several islands, but mainly only water areas. Part of the Bermuda Triangle within the jurisdiction of the United States, being close to Florida, as well as close to free associated state of Puerto Rico. It is on this territory originate many cyclones and storms, there are a large number of dangerous shoals, whereby the Bermuda Triangle is very complicated to navigate. Thus, the term does not imply a certain something, and is a generic name of the territory in the form of a triangle.
The first report about the mysterious events of the Bermuda Triangle dates back to 1950, when the journalist publications Associated Press gave this area the definition of "sea devil." A more precise term, which occurred from the name of Bermuda, dates back to the 1964th and publication in the Journal notes spiritualistic Vincent Gaddis. Title of the article accurately sounded - "Deadly Bermuda Triangle". In the future, various researchers gradually develop the topic in 70-80s. So in 1974, Charles Berlitz published a book that lists and tried to analyze the mysterious disappearances in the area of the islands. He tried to dispel the myth paranormal skeptic writer Lawrence David Kusche in his book "The Bermuda Triangle: Myths and Realities," in which he argued that no supernatural events at this location occurred.
The main part of the land in the territory of the Bermuda Triangle - the island of the same name, belonging to the UK. In total there are about 150 of these, of which 20 - inhabited islands, with its capital in Mayne Island. That way lie over the Bermuda air services between the United States and Canada, Europe, and Central and South America. On the territory of the triangle also are several small islands belonging to groups Altiyskih and the Bahamas.
The largest and most mysterious disaster in the Bermuda Triangle is the mysterious disappearance of five bombers "Evedzher" December 5, 1945. Military aircraft flying with the US Navy base in Fort Lauderdale, but disappeared, and the wreckage aviasudov have not been found. Another interesting fact is that while the weather on Bermuda was very clear and calm, in short, favorable for the flight. After that, the search for the bombers were sent several rescue aircraft, and one of them - "Martin Mariner" - also disappeared.
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