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With the onset of heat child seeks out. Walking necessary for the growing organism, so parents do not deny your baby. Needless to say that the game in a sandbox - the most common fun to children from 1 year to 5 years. Agree, there is a sense puzzled creation of high-quality and durable sandbox, that would be absolutely safe for children. Sandbox with your hands - is necessary and quite feasible idea.

The size of the sandbox

Before you pick up construction materials and begin to assemble the structure, you need to create a drawing of the future product and label all sizes.

At any hardware store you can buy timber, with an average length of 1.2 m. This size can be called perfect. In order to remain as small as possible cuttings, feel free to design a sandbox in a square 1.2 x 1.2 m. Then decide the height. Children's sandbox with their hands should contain a large amount of sand, the baby could not get to the ground. But also about the height of the walls do not forget - it has to be subservient legs-year-old kid. Ideal can be called 23 to 25 cm. It can dial using the two boards.

The wood must have a sufficient thickness, otherwise the structure will not be different strength. Many boards have a thickness of 32 mm, which is ideal for the sandbox.


By building a box, do not forget about some important points. To start think over whether you need cover. It all depends on where the game will be located the place. If you plan to install a sandbox on your own country site, apart from fallen leaves and rain have nothing to fear. If it is mounted in the yard, the cover is a must, since the sand will appear butts and glass from broken beer bottles.

Ask a question about how to create a sandbox with your hands, you should think about: what it will be filled? In DIY stores you can find a river or quarry sand. For children to play more suitable river, but it will still need to sift.

A place for man-made masterpiece pick in the shade next to the house. Scorching sun will exhaust the baby, so orient the design so that the rays fell on the playing area in the evening.
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