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Before you make the right choice crib for a newborn baby, the parents need to understand that the main criteria should be the comfort, safety and ergonomics. This is what should be guided by choosing the model to buy.

What is important when choosing a crib

The crib should first of all be safe. Experts impose many requirements to the materials from which the children's clothes, and most important of them - naturally. Wood meets this requirement perfectly. It can be said to "live" and this eco-stuff. Well, if the surface of the wood crib just been thoroughly sanded and coated with toxic paints.

Of course, the beds made of polypropylene or plastic are often much more beautiful, because these materials give designers more opportunities. But if the choice is decided to stop on such a product, it is imperative to request a certificate confirming the harmlessness of the material.

Made of wicker or rattan cots-crib may seem cozy and can cause tenderness in your retro style. But such an acquisition is not practical - use the bassinet can be up to about six months old baby. As soon as the baby learns to stand up, holding on to the support, woven structure may not be enough and spacious stable for him.

When choosing a cot it is imperative to mention the sanitary norms. In the width of the bars must not be more than 6-7 cm to a curious child can not stick your head between them. For the bottom must be at least two levels of height, which could be adjusted to the grown baby does not fall out of the crib. In the crib should be no sharp corners and crevices that are wider than a centimeter, or small parts that a child could loosen and stick in his mouth.

Comfort and ergonomics

Cot is sure to be comfortable, bed - enough for the baby. Standard - 120 cm long and 60 cm wide. To fledgling baby's spine could properly form, it is crucial mattress. It must be made of natural fibers, not be too soft, but not too stiff. The filler is perfectly coconut - the material has a remarkable ability to absorb not only moisture but also odors.

If you choose it is very important and a way of placing the baby. If you do not want the night and leave with the baby, a crib is better to buy such that it could sidebar completely removed. It can be placed next to the parents' bed - it's convenient for both baby and mom.

If the baby falls asleep at the best motion sickness, this will be an excellent and cot. For example, it may be a rocking cradle or a more complex design of the pendulum.

With regard to ergonomics selection must be done depending on the preferences of the parents. The child takes a lot of things from the changing table to the box for toys. Some of the models cots successfully combine several items needed for baby furniture. Despite the fact that these beds are not mobile, they greatly save space in the children and family budget.
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