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Pregnancy in cats lasts 9 weeks (65 days). During this period it is necessary to diversify the diet of your pet. Cat must receive as many calories, vitamins and minerals.
How and what to feed pregnant cat
In the first 2 weeks of pregnancy in cats increases the appetite and gain weight. If you notice these changes in your pitomitsy, increase the amount of food consumed by it by 10%. And no need to increase the portions and number of meals. During this period, the animal should be fed at least 4 times a day.
How and what to feed pregnant cat
From the third week of pregnancy feeding cats is increased by 50%. However, overeating animal in any case should not. The food is better to give small portions, about 5-6 times a day.
How and what to feed pregnant cat
On the 7 th week of pregnancy there is little cats begin. This is due to the pressure crowded kittens abdominal stomach. During this period, the amount of food for your pet need to minimize, but the number of feedings, on the contrary, increase.
How and what to feed pregnant cat
A few days before the birth cat may refuse to eat completely. Do not worry - the animal simply preparing for the upcoming event. Surround your CIMS care and kindness, as well as provide a comfortable corner for her breeding.
How and what to feed pregnant cat
The diet of a pregnant cat should prevail the following products: meat (beef, chicken, turkey), egg yolk, vegetables (carrots, cabbage, zucchini), dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, plain yogurt), grains and cereals (wheat, rice, buckwheat). Sometimes you can give your cat boiled fish of low-fat varieties. However, the abuse of this product is not necessary. The fish contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin B, which is actively involved in the development of the fetus.
If you prefer to regale your pet ready feed, select a pet store special food for pregnant cats. It contains a large amount of nutrients, which are necessary for the proper development of the fetus.
If your cat used to eat natural food, all the necessary vitamins for it can be purchased separately at a pet store. Usually they are in the form of tablets, but if desired, can find special fortified pasta.
To enhance lactation milk a cat in the second semester of pregnancy, crumble it into a meal, finely chopped nettle leaves, after showering them with boiling water.
For generations the cat passed without complications, you can drink a decoction of the leaves of raspberry. You will need 1 teaspoon of leaves to 1 cup water. Cook the leaves, the resulting broth cool and strain it through cheesecloth. Then, let the animal 1 teaspoon throughout pregnancy.
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