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Chinese-American Chen Yu Jin (Yi Gin Chen) violated the rules of beekeeping, operating in the US capital. In 2010, the City Council on Health has tightened them in connection with the mass enthusiasm of local residents breeding nonaggressive species of bees Apis Mellifera. Now, beekeepers in New York are required to register with the Ministry of Health and Mental Hygiene and adhere to the established rules of the content of these insects. Rules contain, for example, items such as the prevention of finding people in the vicinity of the time when insects are outside the hive. It's quite difficult to achieve in a block of flats. In addition, the beekeeper is obliged to have a branch in the city of the Association of Beekeepers special metric, which reflects all the quantitative changes in the bee families belonging to him.

The police department of Queens (Queens) received a complaint from neighbors beekeeper enthusiast, whose main occupation is to manage its own restaurant. Neighbors irritated and even frightened continuous buzzing in a nearby home. After reviewing the complaint, the night of 22 August to the 58-year-old American with the police arrived and experts from the local Beekeepers Association. Their task was the evacuation of the city home 45 hives, which were placed in the apartment hallway and courtyard of the house. In total, the total area of only 37 square meters contained nearly three million bees. And Yu Jin Chen began two years ago with the purchase of just one hive. Besides prescription to get rid of the bees were evacuated from the apartment he now faces another impressive and a fine of $ 90 000. The owner of the urban family of insects in several million individuals refused to communicate with the press and how to comment on the incident.

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