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You will need
  • - Nuts;
  • - fruit;
  • - Please be patient.
The first few days after you have brought a hamster or a guinea pig out of the store, do not annoy them especially their intrusive attention and try to pet or cuddle. The animal is experiencing tremendous stress, being at an unusual place. Give the new occupant to get used to your house and get used to the unusual sounds and smells. But to delay the domestication is not worth it. If you do not take your hands hamster for a long time, it will grow wildly and become scared whenever you want to pet him or vilify the apartment.
How to feed with fingers
Particularly shy rodents can sit in their houses for a few weeks before you dare to get out of the shelter during the day and get acquainted with their hosts. Try to speed up this process by offering a hamster treats. If a child is afraid to take it out of your hands, do not worry about it. You can just put a berry or a nut on the floor of the cage and wait a bit. Eventually, when the hamster osmeleet so that will come out of the house, even when your hand is inside the cell, you can gently pat it. Your task - to make a baby to smell their hands, so that he no longer afraid of them, and perceived as something taken for granted.
Now it is possible to complicate the experiment and put a treat next to your fingers. If the hamster is not afraid and calmly takes nuts or dried fruits from the floor when your hand is very close - you can safely begin to treat it with the hands. Just put a little piece on the extended index finger and pull the little one. Even if at first it will be cautious attitude to this procedure, it will soon get used to and will be able to take food and refreshments with your finger without fear.
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