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Women's and men's belts are fundamental differences in terms of finish, type fastening, width, color and material. Male version devoid of whatever excesses, it is simple and reliable, used exclusively to comfort, that is to support the trousers. Women's belt can be of different widths, with elaborate buckles most unusual shapes, their colors has no boundaries for their finishes using different materials. And ladies do not wear them just for some practical purpose, but mostly as a decoration and not just at the waist, but also on the wrist, ankle, and even instead of a tie. Women often encroach on men's belts, using them in such a way as is or introducing in its design small changes.

How to change men's belt

Turn men's belt into the female is very simple, it is enough to decorate his brilliant parts of the beads, crystals or stones. An excellent result gives the combination of bulky men's belts with thin strips of satin or velvet. The collection of women's clothes from top fashion designers can often see a wide belt of thick leather, braided fine metal chain in a contrasting color. This accessory is perfectly combined both with a set of trouser and dress of thin air fabric.

It looks great on a thin female thallium massive men's belts, decorated with sequins volume, floral, geometric prints fabric paints or perform skin using brushes of different thicknesses.

As the finish can be used thin female belt in a contrasting color, paste it on the surface of the male. Layered effect is created and easily using textiles, leather base fixed to the belt of the male, and can be used as a fabric of the same color with a different texture, and colored with the same weave of threads.

Men's belt, usually equipped with a massive buckle or clasp. To get rid of it is not worth it, because it can use it to make a thallium even thinner, to draw attention to it, to focus on miniaturization and femininity. If you want to mute the buckle a bit, it can be painted in the color of belt or basic outfit.

How and what to combine men's belt in the women's dress

Men's belt - universal accessory in a woman's wardrobe. With proper decor, or no, he comes to trousers or shorts of any length skirts, dresses, tunics. The main rule - a sense of proportion and respect for the law of three colors, ie colors of all attire should consist of no more than three colors, including articles of footwear, jewelry and accessories.
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