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As it is not unfortunate, but a desire to change jobs or just to get away from the present is not enough. At heart, perhaps, many workers want it, but few dare. This is mainly due to the fear of risk and uncertainty worker himself. Few dare to get out of the usual comfort zone and step into the unknown. This is connected with the fear of losing stability, because the new location will have to re-establish contacts, and prove that you are a valuable frame. If you have something that is not satisfied with the place that you occupy, the "change it, you're not a tree." Sooner or later you'll have to do it, but at the cost of wasted time, effort and nerves.

When to go

For representatives of specialties dynamic experience of 10 years in one place would not be an advantage to the new employer. Of course, entirely different conversation if it has developed over the years with the company and, starting with the trainee, eventually became the director. But when the man sitting on the same site of 5-10 years, it will talk about him as a person, not tending to the growth, development, unambitious and not able to adapt. At the same time, too short a period of work in the company will be a sign of the same little experience and skills. Thus, the optimum life in one place - at least 2-3 years and not more than 5-7. By the way, this does not apply to scientific professions or those industries that are not so rapidly. In this case, a decade of experience, on the contrary, would be an advantage.

Passive search

So is a way to find work that is suitable for those who are afraid of both the old and the new place to lose to find. If you do make a clear decision about what you want to change, just as clear on those public. Think about what you do not like the current location wages, lack of career opportunities, superiors. And then, after analyzing it all, understand for yourself, where exactly in what area, with a salary and maybe you would like to work. Then you can post your resume on specialized sites, and you can make it so that no one will know that you are looking for a job. To do this, simply select the function that allows you to see your resume only those employers that you specify. You can also ask around with friends on the opportunity to open or vacant job, or advertise in the newspaper or social networks. When you are invited for an interview and you realize that you would like to work in this company, go through their training, taking on current employment leave. So the risk of being unemployed is minimal.
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