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The first thing you need to do - take a sober look at the situation. Realize that you do not have to match with your partner on all the character traits, tastes and habits. All people are very different, and we must accept that what is good for one another - death. Enough already that you come together with your companion in the fundamental questions of the universe.
If your partner is stopping you, for example, loudly including music, when you want to sleep, or by clicking the remote control indefinitely, while you conspired to watch your favorite TV series, just talk to him. Try to turn all his diplomatic skills to negotiate and that will suit both of you.
More talk. Try to talk to your companion for a variety of topics. This could be the scandal of neighbors, which happened last night, your cat adventure in the series "A house," the behavior of the children and even the weather. Try to touch topics on which you have never spoken before. For example, start a discussion entitled "What do you think about saving animals from mass destruction", "What is your favorite color", "What kind of games do you like to play as a child", "What are you now dreaming" or "What saw last night in She dreams. " Many people do not fully understand, just because of the fact that they are a little talk.
Try to make friends with your partner. About how it is done, prompt memories of childhood, when you exchanged candy wrappers from a neighbor's party, built sand castles with the girl in front of the apartment and allowed to carry a briefcase classmate. Ask about what kind of book you would recommend to read your partner, or which movie to see, and then discuss these works of art. Arrange a joint event with the person with whom you live. This could be, for example, the family carpet cleaning, check for a picnic or a hike to the rink.
Finally, remember: you are born to enjoy life and give joy to other people, even if it does not look like you. Not for some service or gift, and just. For what they are.
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