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How to invite a celebrity for his birthday

First you need to check whether the closed visits tricks Artist as a whole, which his average fee per hour speeches, and what he was working at the moment. Podcherpnut this information from the press and TV.

Now you need to contact the agent celebrities. In the age of the Internet every famous person has a personal website, which often publishes information on future concerts, video and photo reports already passed and contact information. Here and can receive e-mail for suggestions or even a phone number agent.

Even before the star has never played in a format possible, the proposed amount of force to try. But very often it happens that the agent simply refuses to birthday because of the inability to negotiate. Stars rather capricious. In this case, you'd better turn into a serious agency of holidays, which can make all the birthday, and responsible only for a part of a guest artist.

Very often, these companies have the right contacts and experience in the conclusion of such contracts. From you only need to pay the required amount and the artist for services rendered to them.

What is important to keep in mind when inviting celebrities

Get answers to all your questions and requirements, it is time to carry out its part of the obligations. So you approach the most memorable birthday party in my life. It is important to consider all items completed and signed the contract.

When joins are not the slightest deviation from the plan and the frequent recourse to the courts on both sides of the penalty payment in case of non settlement of the question peacefully. It therefore stands to make everything perfect, so as not to spoil the holiday.

Typically, this part can also be transferred to the performance of the agency. So you move all the responsibility on their shoulders.

Such parties have come to Russia from the United States, where the popular star has long been visited by corporate performances in closed venues. For them, it is primarily an easy opportunity to earn serious money with carrying out a standard program for frequent drunken guests.

But you will need to provide a sufficient safety star, stage presence and a friendly working environment. All guests should be warned, who will speak for them in order to avoid strong positive or negative emotions of individuals.
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