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Calorie intake

The base rate of calorie consumption for the person leading predominantly sedentary lifestyle and having regular physical activity, is about 25 calories per day per kilogram of body weight. Thus, to maintain the available weight person having the body weight, for example, 70 kg should consume under predetermined conditions in 1750 kcal per day.

In the case if you regularly exercise, this value should also add calories on physical activity. For example, if you visit fitness club three times a week, where one hour at the gym doing, should take into account that one hour a load burns about 520 calories.

Thus, a person from the above example, if he is engaged in the same mode can count your calories for the week. So, its base rate will be in 1750 * 7 = 12250 calories a week, to which must be added another 520 * 3 = 1560 calories he burns in the gym. Consequently, the intake of calories for it will be (12250 + 1560) / 7 = 1973 calories a day.

Calorie deficit

The main rule of weight loss, which will announce any nutritionist, is that in order to lose weight, it is necessary for a sufficiently long time to expend more calories than enters the body. It should be remembered that the intake of calories is determined by the nature of the food, which must be adjusted depending on the intensity of exercise.

Thus, weight loss experts say that in order to ensure harmless to healthy weight loss, which also give long-term results, it should reduce the normal caloric intake no more than 10-20%. Thus, in the example described above, the daily calorie intake, which will reset to 1 kg a week, ranging from 1578 to 1776 kcal per day.

However, besides the calories coming from food, cost and quality control. For example, animal fats and simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, have a tendency to be processed more quickly by the body fat stores if you do not immediately use up the energy contained in these materials. But complex carbohydrates will provide you with energy for a long time to be ingested slowly, and does not turn into fat. Adequate protein intake is essential for building muscle mass, which will increase as progress your workouts and fat burning, which will build a beautiful relief of the body.

So to lose weight as a result of regular workouts at the gym, you must carefully monitor their diet: should reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates and animal fats to include in your diet more vegetables and fruits and to ensure intake of adequate amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates, which are contained, for example in meat products and cereals to be effective workout.
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