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Share the bush need if it is growing in one place for more than 5 years. This is necessary because the old plants are very tight, intertwined root system, which is very difficult to dig out. The sooner the produce division of the bush, the easier it will cope with this task. If you do not carry out the separation, the plant over time will get sick, and stop flowering.
It is better to conduct this operation in mid-August to mid-September. Around the plant at a distance of 20 cm dig a trench into two bayonet spade. Gently rocking the plant in different directions, remove it from the ground. The roots of a little shake off excess soil from the plant and leave for 3 hours. It is necessary that the roots are soft and not break during the subsequent landing. This is followed by the roots and wash with water to clean dirt from the remnants of a wooden peg. The stems of the bush must be cut to a height of 10 cm.
Usually old peony bushes are divided in half using a cola. It must be carefully put in place those plants where the least damage the kidneys, and divided into two parts peony. Each of the divided parts are cut with a knife at delenki. At the same time leave the best parts of the bush - young, with thick roots with a diameter of 4 cm. All broken, the sick and the old parts must be removed, cut them with a knife or shears. After all this work, leave delenki having a dense root up to 10 cm and 2-3 the young buds.
When the bush is divided, it is necessary to prepare for landing. Place the roots delenok 1% solution of manganese for half an hour, and then sprinkle the cut with powdered charcoal. After that the young are ready for planting peonies.
For a long time to wait, when the peony will please its abundant flowering, you need to leave one delenki higher, and the rest of the standard size. After planting a peony bloom luxuriantly begin in the second year.
Depending on how much you delenok turned out so much and to dig pits. The depth of the pits for planting at least 50 cm. The pit should be half full of garden soil and abundantly watered. It is necessary to place the bush in the hole so that the buds on the root collar located below ground level at 3-5 cm. Sometimes you need a little bush peony okuchit to kidneys were covered with a thin layer of earth. Deepening the bush should be done properly and carefully, as it affects the peony blooms in the future.
To planted bushes not podmerzli during the cold weather, the soil around them, sprinkle a layer of 10-12 cm thick peat. In early spring, the shelter must-otgresti to the roots do not podopreli. In the following year, the plant cover in the winter do not need adults peony bushes are resistant winter.
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