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Do not break traffic rules. Be careful on the road and do not give even the biggest temptations not to follow the law. Remember, in the case of delay, the traffic police and so will find a lot of reasons to subject you to penalties.
Call the central police station ("02" mobile "112"), if the inspector to stop you, openly violates its powers (for example, demands a bribe). Details tell the operator about the arbitrariness.
Keep your documents and the vehicle in order. Car number must be legible at night, when lighting a lantern, from a distance of 20 meters.
Keep an eye on the movements of the police officer who checks your documents. Rogues is not only among the common people, but also among the police, which may, for example, your power of attorney to put in his pocket and say that it was not at all.
Objection and request evidence. Inquired what kind of violation of article you are accused, you are eligible. So it will be easier to defend against traffic police.
Do not panic if the traffic police is going to make you the protocol. Please explain in detail why you dispute did so, and not otherwise. You can offer to walk to the place where the alleged violation was. If you can not convince the inspectors, then you expect a subpoena. After about three weeks, will start hearing your case. Thoroughly prepare for this event.
Write in the minutes: "I do not agree with the violations of me was not." From the proposed inspector subpoena you have the right to refuse, since it is illegal, and probably with you at this time have a lot of people. The Court itself will notify you of the date of the hearing.
Make a chart of your car, make a written explanation of the situation and motives of your behavior. Of course, it is best if you have witnesses who can prove your innocence. If the court finds you guilty, submit the case to the higher authorities. First, the federal district court, then the city, provincial and Supreme. Strive for his innocence.
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