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Father Neao was a Christian, but a pagan mother brought the boy because of the early death of his father. Later, he received his education, and the promotion took place fairly quickly and easily. On duty in 303 Neao went on a campaign marked by open persecution of Christians.

On the road, the young man saw and heard the voice of the crucifixion of Christ. This miracle has transformed it into a defender of the Christian faith. When the news came to his mother, she went to the palace of the emperor with a complaint in repudiating paganism son.

Neao was arrested and thrown into prison, where the night came to him, and Jesus made the sacrament of baptism, after which the prisoner received a new name - Procopius. After long days are hard Torture and orders to abandon their faith even pagans turned to Christ, seeing the suffering of the martyr, who eventually by Emperor was executed.

In Russia, the name day of Procopius started harvesting corn, so martyr was better known under the name Zhatvennika. Also continued harvesting fodder.

There were even plots that were said to Procopius, for example, that during the harvest never tired of spin had to say: "In the Name of the Father and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. How are you, Mother rye, whole year they stagger, but not skudalasya (not sick), and so would my servant of God (name), press, but do not skudatsya. "

According to legend this day was kamah-kraskachervets. It was believed that kamah falls with the wind from the warm countries, and curled, rolled up under his feet. Finding kamah promised happiness for the year. In the old days there were many hunters find her. However, they are saying that it falls to him to whom is destined to happiness.

Blueberries begin to keep up with Procopius. It is usually collected by the children, because adults have worked in the field. This berry attributed miraculous healing properties, which is confirmed by modern medicine.

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