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Do not remove the power of your finger out of his mouth, even if it is you who are pretty annoying. Distract your baby: give candy or go do something. Do not make a thumb-sucking universal problem, is not ashamed of the child.
If the habit of thumb sucking appeared after weaning from the breast or bottle, do not pity again to return to the nipple or pacifier. Encourage your child to think of themselves as adults, big. A pacifier let kids suck!
Pay attention to the "side" symptoms that you may have previously overlooked. The child can speak like a little (even if it is already 5 years old). Being whiny. Behave like a kid. The fact that they feel comfortable to be a small, calm and clear. He does not want to grow up. Hence the habit that you just want to get rid of. Maybe you are too strict and require the child of adult behavior?
Find out the cause of fear. Often the thumb sucking is associated with conscious or unconscious fears. Eliminate or at least reduce them, you will get rid of the habit of sucking the baby finger.
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