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It is necessary to know something about traveling with children and to pay special attention to these points:

1. Before the trip, be sure to consult with your doctor, listen to what the specialist will tell you.

2. A long flight for a child to another country can become tedious. Therefore, we must try as much as possible to entertain the baby on an airplane, without interfering with the other passengers. Take the crumbs games, give him the opportunity to have a meal and be sure to take a nap.

3. Keep in mind that children acclimatization runs more acutely than adults. Therefore, the baby may be restless and not behave as usually happens. Be patient - it's temporary difficulties.

4. can be difficult to decide where exactly to go abroad with the baby, because a lot depends on age, food preferences, etc. Try to purchase a ticket with meals "all inclusive". In this case, you can always get that you need a drink or snack at any time without additional charge.

5. Try not to save money on your trip, choose a good hotel not far from the beach and nearby amenities. Everything you need to be on hand next to your shelter.

6. Rest abroad with children will be cheaper if you go on a journey not in the middle of the season, and in the early spring or fall. Before the trip should explore the weather and climatic conditions in the country. Sea to your arrival should be a good warm up, so that the child does not feel discomfort.

Today, popular seed for families with children are the following countries: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Cyprus, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic. Choosing one of the above countries, you can be assured of a comfortable stay with the baby. Most importantly - do not be afraid and bravely hit the road. After all, this vacation will benefit the health of your child.

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