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Raisin grapes is dried in the sun or using hot air. The raisins a lot of sugar and calories.

Scope of raisins is practically limitless. It can add to the sweet cakes in a variety of cereals; raisins stuffed bird is added to the risotto. It can be added to the brew, and cook from it a delicious compote. In short, where there will be appropriate taste of raisins, as well as its fruity sweetness, you can use it.

The sugar content of the raisins is very high and reaches 85%. This fruit contains vitamins Groups B, and trace elements - boron, magnesium, iron and others.

From the medicinal properties of raisins can be noted the strengthening of the nervous system. Doctors recommend eating raisins patients suffering from anemia, various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as heart and kidney disease.

There are several types of raisins.

Seedless raisins

Preferred grape varieties used for making raisins, seedless. Of course, there are exceptions. If you cook the dish, the recipe of which is said to use seedless raisins, look for the French "hog de ESSC" Greek "currants", or Turkish "raisins".

Light Cheese

By the light varieties of raisins rank as small golden raisins varieties, as well as the sort of "Thompson", common in South Africa and California. If we compare the light with the dark varieties, they are softer dark, but have not the flavor.

Dark raisins

Specific musky scent - this is an essential attribute of a dark purple raisin of Mlaga, as well as small dark Greek varieties, "currant". This fragrance is especially disclosed if the raisins affect heat.


This Greek variety reputed one of the sweetest. Dark, dark burgundy or blue-black raisins seedless varieties "currant" can be added to baked goods, rice.

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