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Main Attractions Armenia

Armenia is rightly called "open air museum". On its territory there are many monuments of the pre-Christian era, such as the temple of Garni, the ruins of the ancient capitals of Armenia - Artashat, Armavir, as well as the cities of the ancient state of Urartu - Erebuni Teishebaini. Among the monuments of the Christian period of history, above all, necessary to identify the Echmiadzin Cathedral, the Monastery of Khor Virap, in the vicinity which offers a beautiful view of the sacred for Armenians Mount Ararat and Geghard, Noravank, Sevan, etc.
Armenia is also rich in natural attractions. Of these, deserve priority attention: Lake Sevan, Jermuk waterfall, volcanic formations in the valleys of the rivers Hrazdan, Azat, Arpa Geghama and Vardenis mountain massifs.
The latest data on tourism in Armenia and its prospects

Since 2009, significantly reduced the number of tourists from the CIS countries, but also increased net foreign visitors from other countries, especially neighboring Iran and Georgia. In addition, the increased flow of tourists from as far away as the USA and Canada (among them are often the Armenian Diaspora), as well as from Japan. By the way, according to estimates of Armenian officials responsible for the development of tourism, it is the Japanese guests - the most profitable in the financial sense, they spend the most on holiday.
In 2009 Armenia was visited by about 575,000 tourists in 2011 for about 760000. And in the next, in 2012, the number of foreign guests was already about 850,000 positive trend continues to the present. To consolidate its new hotels, including luxury, in the capital, Yerevan, as well as in other resort centers, such Tsahnadzore and Jermuk.
Among the factors that negatively affect the image of Armenia in terms of tourism development, foreign guests, as well as many residents of the country referred to the high prices for a number of positions (cost of living, services of guides and taxi drivers), extortion traffic police (especially in relation to the Iranian tourists to move on cars). Guests complain of inadequate service and poor knowledge of the English language many workers tourism industry. However, the Armenians are trying to address the shortcomings and diversify leisure travelers.
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