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To enhance your appetite dinner should start with a light vegetable salad. The ingredients for the dishes can be very simple. For example, lettuce leaves (coarsely pick), cherry tomatoes (cut into 2 parts), red onion (finely chop), green and black olives, pitted (leave whole), cheese "Feta" (cut into cubes) - a minimum set of products for a tasty lettuce. All components should be filled with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste and mix well.
For a more romantic approach a salad option. The dish will be laid out in a heart shape layers on a flat plate. Each layer must be fluff with mayonnaise. But the main components can be any. For example, boiled chicken; chopped onion; boiled carrots, eggs and cheese, grated; and boiled beets. This bright, vegetable, mixed with mayonnaise should complete heart composition.
When the appetite breaks out, the time to file a hot dish. To ease the process of cooking, it is best to use the oven. In it, for example, can be bake pork with potatoes, onions and apples. To do this, lean pork tenderloin (about 1.5 kg) is necessary to rub the fragrant mixture (butter - 1 tbsp, chopped sage, salt and pepper 1/2 tsp of) and let stand for 30 minutes. After this treatment the meat slices of a width not more than one centimeter.
Potatoes are clean and large pieces mode. Baking lubricating oil, lay out the meat in the middle and on the edges - potatoes and onions, cut into half rings. At 180 degrees, bake the dish in just 20 minutes, and then add the slices on a baking Reza sour apple. Continue to roast pork with vegetables for another 40 minutes. To learn to cook any meat, should be pierced with a knife. Clear juice will witness the completion of the process.
A romantic dinner can not go without dessert, which must be easy. Cakes or biscuits should be avoided in this case. The best option - strawberries with cream. Chilled cream of fat needed to be whipping (preferably with a mixer) until thick. Then add powdered sugar taste. Cut the strawberries in half laid in a glass of ice-cream with whipped cream. This should be done in layers. Ready send dessert in the refrigerator to wait in the wings.
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