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For the first time the term "demography" was mentioned in the book of French scientist A. Giyyara ("Elements of population statistics or comparative demography"). This concept is widespread in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. If we look at the demographics as a branch of scientific knowledge, it develops and has been 300 years longer. The founder of the science of demography recognized scientist - an Englishman, who first built a life table for Londoners, relying on long-term statistics.
The basic concept is the population demographics. Another option - the population. According to the demographic theory, population is evolving naturally and historically and continuously renewable in the process of production and reproduction of the life of a set of people, a leading material component of society.
How to understand the reproduction of the population in terms of demographics? This process (one of the main) reproduction of society. Reproduction - this is the main and the most characteristic feature of the population. Study of the processes of reproduction - is the direct competence of demography (and only it).
Demographics also studying the processes of interaction of births, deaths, marriages and divorces, as well as the reproduction of the population as a whole. In addition, this science examines and displays the patterns and social conditioning of these processes.
In modern society, there is a complicated demographic situation, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where there is a steady increase in population and stable low quality of life. As a result - "contact" demography with other sciences (sociology and economics) and pronounced "gap" between the rich and the poor segments of the population.
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