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Determine exactly what you need to set the right file. In UNIX-based systems, which are now used on most web servers, users are divided into three groups. To one of them (user) belongs to the owner of the file or folder to another (group) - a user belongs to the group, which included and the owner, and all others attributed to the third group (world). For each file must be specified, from which the user group can perform write operations with him, reading or performance (if the file is executable). In this step, you need to determine which set of rules should be attributed to each group.
Encode created a set of rights. The code must contain three digits, the first of which refers to a group user, the second - to the group group, the third - to the group of world. Each of these figures is adding codes corresponding operations: read (read) 4 corresponds to the code, the write operation (write) - Code 2, the operation execution (execute) - code of 1. For example, if a group of user (the first number in the set of rules) should be give permission to write and execute the file, the number will be equal to 3 (2 + 1 = 3). In the same manner determined by the number of second and third - the right for groups group, and world, respectively. For example, the most extensive rights for all three groups will be given the assignment rules file with the code 777.
Take, for example, the FTP client to set the desired file permissions on the server. To do this connect to your FTP server, find and select the file you want it, right-click it and select from the popup menu setup right. In the window that most programs of this kind offers two ways to specify a set of rights - a table with a set of checkboxes, and a field for entering the code. With the checkboxes you can do the encoding operation of the rights described in the previous step, and in the text box is necessary to enter a ready-value (eg, 777). By pressing the button «OK» the program will send to the server UNIX-command chmod (short for CHange MODe) with the appropriate parameters, and the server software to set the required rights to the specified file.
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