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Hovercraft, dubbed "Hoverbayk" during these tests took off about 5 meters, has a top speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. The creators of the miracle of the unit are confident that the first prototype is a very good performance, and that soon the new improved model hoverbayka achieved much greater speed, height and capacity.

We do not have the usual flying motorcycle wheels. Instead of them - rotors. Maneuvering is accomplished by pressing the pilot's knees into two side bars - the control panel. Hoverbayk equipped with on-board computer that controls the motion path and the stability of the vehicle. With this flying motorcycle can move confidently in the woods, in tunnels, under bridges, etc.

One of the leaders of "Aerofeks" Marc de Roche, said in a television interview what he thinks the prospects for a flying motorcycle. According to de Rocha, hoverbayk certainly useful for border officials, as well as doctors who live in rural areas where the road network is poorly developed. With the help of a flying motorcycle it will be much easier to come to their patients. He also said that the company is actively working to build an unmanned version hoverbayka and plans to complete it by December of 2013. Such an unmanned unit can be used as the carrier for a variety of purposes both civilian and military. It is possible that the brainchild of "Aerofeks" if it does manage to create, interested US military.

Marc de Roche in an interview also announced that a second, improved version of a flying motorcycle will be presented within the next month or two, that is, no later than the end of October.

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