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If you buy a car in the showroom, whether new or mileage, you still need to take responsibility for signing all the documents and careful inspection of the car. When you pre-select the car, do you spend his initial examination. Sold by showing you the car that you have ordered or choose from in the moment, a car dealer at the site. You are required to allow a thorough inspection of the machine and verify that all of its additional options.
The first thing to start the car and listen to the engine, to see if she does not smoke. Check the operation of all electrics. Look at the condition of the cabin, there are no broken inside decorations. Carefully examine the whole body, whether it chips and scratches. Exterior Defects are even new cars, so do not think that the new car is not necessary to inspect.
Clearly negotiate with the seller of the vehicle, some extra equipment you want to install it. All these details must be recorded in the act of reception and transmission of the vehicle seller to the buyer.
After paying the cost of the vehicle and additional equipment and services, preparation of necessary documents, you can take the car. In many shoppers here are relaxed and almost never examine the car. But for the time that he was in the showroom, it could happen with anything. The machine can scratch careless employees dealership, it may pull out of the mats, for example, or to change the radio to cheaper. Therefore, do not sign any papers, if you have not looked at the car. After your signature to show that there are defects in the car very difficult.
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