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Indeed, the contrast pattern looks intriguing as delicate pink skin, and the tempting tanned even darker. And the secret of this effect is not in the mastery of the image, its color or size, not even the owner of the tattoo figure. Interest in underwear figure - in his sense ... Man wants a tattoo when he wants to say something, but said in a special way, to say the body. Body language is authentic, and the tattoo allows for a moment to look into the soul of man - to reveal his inner world. That is why it is always a mysterious and interesting.

If you are already individualized themselves with tattoos, you'll want to keep the original quality of the application pattern as long as possible. It is recommended to follow the following rules:

  1. To care for the tattoo must be from the first day of its application. Overlay master sterile bandage on the expiration of the time recommended by the master, is necessary to remove, the tattoo with soap and water, blotted dry thoroughly and apply a special ointment. In no case do not use alcohol or solvents.
  2. The healing period is strictly prohibited trips to the sauna, pool, solarium, excluded baths and sunbathing in the sun.
  3. Healing tattoo can not rub, scratch, and similar actions.
  4. The use of various cosmetics allowed 10 days after patterning.
  5. If the tattoo is applied in areas in which the skin over the years, changes shape (upper arm, chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks), size or structure (cellulite or stretch marks), then the only way - to take care of their body and not to allow such changes . It is therefore advisable to make tattoos on the ankles, arms below the elbow, and the like, that is, places that lend themselves to temporal changes is immaterial.
  6. If your special signs for many years, and he has lost the form, or a picture is no longer relevant, professional master qualitatively eliminate the disadvantage - renew and refresh the tattoo or the top of the old inflict more interesting and desirable image.
  7. If you have any questions about the care of the tattoo, please refer to the master who made you a job. It is important that it was a qualified person and a salon with all the necessary hygienic conditions and professional tool.

All professionals involved in this art of underwear, tell you in detail how to care for the tattoo and tell their individual nuances to the above rules.

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